Rewards management system

Major objective

Developing a system for a product manufacturing company to manage rewards against products sold by the various stake-holders such as customers, dealers, distributors etc.


  • A web based panel to manage various backend activities

  • Mobile application for various stake holders of the system. E.g. Customer, Dealer, Distributor, Agent etc.

Core Functions

  • Agent Management

    • Distributors

    • Dealers

    • Customers

  • Product Management

  • Coupons Management

    • Point Coupons

    • Cash Coupons

  • Gifts Management

  • Promotions Management

Salient Features

  • Role based Access

  • Barcode based Identification

  • Easy of Use

  • Effortless Monitoring

  • Notifications - Email

  • Reporting and Analysis

Technology Stack

Server Framework


Frontend Framework

Mobile App


Web application

Mobile Applications

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