Production Managment System

Major Objective

Developing a web based application for performing and monitoring activities performed during production of ladies ethnic garments.


An interactive web based application to handle day to day tasks involved in manufacturing process of ethenic ladies garment. These tasks invloves order management, fabric purchase, fabric dying, embroidery work, stitiching work, addon work, packing and distribution etc.

Core Functions

  • Product Management

  • Service Provider Management

  • Production Management

    • Raw material Planning

    • Purchase Management

    • Inventory

  • Workorder Management

  • Sales Management

  • Accounting

Salient Features

  • Role based Access

  • Easy of Use

  • Realtime Monitoring

  • Notifications - Email and SMS

  • Reporting and Analysis


  • Production House

  • Fabric Suppliers

  • Service Providers

    • Dying factory

    • Embroidery unit

    • Stitching unit

    • Handwork unit

  • Customers


  • Production House

  • Embroidery Unit

  • Stitching Unit

  • Handwork Unit

Technology Stack


Web application

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